Attorneys request change of plea hearing for man linked to Delphi murders investigation

MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. – Lawyers for Kegan Kline have requested a change of plea hearing in their client’s child pornography and child exploitation case.

In court documents filed Monday in Miami County, Kline’s asked counsel for his upcoming pretrial conference and jury trial to be lifted and a change of plea hearings scheduled.

Kline faces more than two dozen counts related to child pornography, child exploitation, identity deception and obstruction of justice. Earlier this month, prosecutors released a list of potential witnesses for the upcoming trial.

Kline hasn’t agreed to a plea deal with the state, as outlined in a response filed Monday afternoon by Deputy Prosecutor Courtney Alwine, who said the parties “have not negotiated a proposed resolution.”

“Any guilty plea would be without a plea agreement from the State, and the sentence would be determined entirely at this Court’s discretion,” Alwine wrote in his response to the defense’s motion. Alwine did not object to a change of plea hearing.

Alwine asked the court to convert the scheduled March 30 pretrial conference into a change of plea hearing so that the matter was not further delayed. The state also requested that the court keep Kline’s jury trial on the schedule until a guilty plea is entered.

According to court records, a change of plea hearing has been scheduled for March 30 as requested. In addition, the court declined to lift the jury trial.

Kline’s case has been delayed multiple times. Court records show his trial is scheduled to start on May 10. A judge dismisses five of the counts against him in November.

Prosecutors said Kline used a fake online profile called “anthony_shots” to communicate with more than a dozen underage girls in order to solicit photos.

While he has never been named as a suspect in the Delphi murders of Abby Williams and Libby German, he became linked to the case after it came to light that the “anthony_shots” account had communicated with Libby German.

Police searched Kline’s home in Miami County on Feb. 25, 2017, less than two weeks after the Delphi murders. Investigators also searched a section of the Wabash River near Kline’s home, although investigators didn’t indicate what they were looking for or if they found.

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