Jonathan Majors’ attorney provides purported texts from woman in alleged assault


An attorney for actor Jonathan Majors has shared text messages she says came from the woman her client allegedly assaulted last weekend.

Majors, who recently starred in “Creed III” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” was arranged on Sunday on assault and harassment charges after a domestic dispute in New York, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

The complaint against Majors does not name the female accuser but states he struck “her about the face with an open hand, causing substantial pain and a laceration behind her ear.”

It also claims he “put his hand on her neck, causing bruising and substantial pain.”

“Mr. Majors completely denies assaulting the woman,” his attorney, Priya Chaudhry, told CNN in a statement Thursday. “Around 11 am on March 25, 2023, Jonathan Majors called 911 out of concern for the woman’s mental health. The police arrived with the paramedics, as is standard procedure, and arrested Mr. Majors due to an NYPD protocol requiring arrest in certain circumstances.”

Hours later, according to Chaudhry, the woman sent text messages to Majors.

In screenshots of the messages to Majors purportedly sent by the woman, which Chaudry provided to CNN, she wrote, “They assured me that you won’t get charged. They said they had to arrest you as protocol when they saw the injuries on me and they knew we had a fight.”

“I’m so sorry you’re in this position. Will make sure nothing happens about this,” she purportedly wrote. “I told them it was my fault for trying to grab your phone.”

In another message sent hours later, she wrote, “I reiterated how this was not an attack and they did not have my blessing on any charges being placed. I read the paper they gave me about strangulation and I said point blank this did not occur and should be removed immediately.”

CNN is unable to verify whether the text messages came from Majors’ accuser.

A spokesperson for the Manhattan DA told CNN their investigation is “active and ongoing.”

In addition to his recent high-profile roles, Majors, who was nominated for an Emmy for his role in HBO’s “Lovecraft Country,” is poised to be a major part of the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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